Scarves, scarves and more scarves

By Angie of That Funky Boutique on 2:59 PM

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As I was on a whim that I brought out my sewing machine. It had been gathering lots of dust in the basement. At first I was going to make a throw blanket out of a bunch of wool scraps I had leftover from last year. After one row I realized how long it was going to take so I threw the piece around my neck and looked in the mirror. And there it was...a new product that I thought might sell.

And here I am 3 weeks and 75 scarves later. The fun news that I mentioned in the last post was regarding The Today Show. Etsy, the website I sell from asked me to overnight a scarf to The Today Show. I was hoping to be able to announce it so you all could watch! Did you know there was a weekend edition? I didn't. In any case, it aired on Saturday morning. Oops. Missed it.

I saw the clip online and it was a simple holiday shopping segment. Mostly geared to promote various stores and websites. My shop name wasn't mentioned but it was still fun to see and say "Hey, that's my scarf on TV"...albeit belated.

So that's the exciting news I should have posted here several days ago. Sorry, I've been too busy making scarves! They sell as fast as I can sew them it seems.
for me.

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