The Today Show, October 17, Christmas Gift Segment

By Angie of That Funky Boutique on 8:59 PM

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It's a funny thing. Wierd really. And it makes me feel a little bashful and strange to say this.

One of my scarves was on The Today Show over the weekend. Crazy, right? I sell on a website called Etsy. And Etsy was part of the segment about gift buying for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

It was a short little segment but still made my heart skip a beat when I saw. My Scarf. On TV. On The Today Show of all places.

How fun is that?

Seriously though, I was very honored to be asked to send in my scarf. I quickly overnighted it and then frantically started sewing. I have many new scarves available now. And more to come!

See it? Way over on the side over there. Under the brown hat.

Oooo, she's pointing at it. Mmm, she's probably pointing at the hat, eh? But I'll believe it's my scarf.

Touching it? She's touching it!
Yes, it's oh so soft felted wool in a beautiful pale blue.

A beauty shot. If they would have just put those words in a different place so you could see it all. But who's complaining.

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